2009 sept. : Supporter of W.A.F.P.I.A.A.P. Project, Istanbul, Turkey

2010 aug / nov  : Art House / Studio Degeling, Utrecht

Drawings, paintings, objects, ceramics

2011 April/July : Meerklank, Zeist – Object of Wood, self-portrait, inspired by Picasso

2011 May: Membership of W-Afpiaap with “The Inner Face” and “The Two Faces of War

And Peace “

2011 June / July : Istanbul:  Part of “Merhabba Installation”/ “Hello Installation” with the work

“Hello Is It Me You are Looking For ?”2, Hello Is It Me You Are Looking For1. Hello Is It Me You Are looking For

2011 Sept.:Travel through Balkan Countries, with  Int.Project for Peace, “ World Wide Artists for

Peace Project “, exhibition of “The Natural Face”, a.o.